About JR Web Designs

JR Web Designs is a local web design company run by me, Jeffrey Rank, that likes to do things a little different. Want a website for free? Find out how I do it.

Who is Jeffrey Rank?

I’m a family man in my early thirties who learned how to create websites in my early-mid twenties. I graduated from NAIT late 2010 and I’ve been making websites ever since.

I like to think outside the box. My business is unlike any other in my industry, and I take pride in that. You won’t find pointless jargon or misleading text here. I say it how it is, and give you the benefits of a direct approach.

Want to learn how to make a website for free? Sure, I’d love to help you. Want me to design a website for you for free? Absolutely! Everything in my business leads you to have an incredible website in your hands for free.

The Rank Family
The Rank Family

So How is That Possible?

Simple. I only charge for the services you need. I have a monthly web campaign that helps you simultaneously grow and super charge your website.

Wanting to do things on your own? No problem! I also run a free web design academy through my blog that you can read any time.