The Tools to Make a Great WebsiteThese are the tools I use every day to make successful websites!

I've been in web design for nearly a decade and have come across a lot of different tools and platforms. Below I've outlined the ones that have worked the best for me (most of which I use right now to make all of my websites). If you have a recommendation for a tool or system that you think is better than the ones I use, please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know. I always love hearing about new ways of doing things!

Here are the tools I use every day in web design:

Web PlatformWhere the magic happens

WordPress - This platform is bar-none the best content management system I've ever used. It's easy to install, ridiculously user-friendly and comes with a massive online community all working together to make it better and to offer different plugins and extensions for it. Combine it with some powerful hosting and you've got yourself a great start to your website.